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Get “Super Charged Growth” with our Business360° model

We believe that the sweet spot of growth is where technology meets business

You are running fast, the company is growing, but your product, sales, marketing and presale teams are not running as fast.

They lack the translation of your vision and strategy to an integrative game plan.

You feel frustrated, and that growth is held back. Instead of meeting customers and investors, building partnerships and executing your strategy – you spend most of your time connecting the business silos, translating your strategy and micro-managing it’s execution

The Strategy360° model

The 360° model is about breaking the business silos. These exist between Product, Presale, Marketing and Sales.

The model helps the company build the product as a growth engine while creating business partnerships with sales, presale and marketing.

The Strategy challenge

Defining a Strategy is perceived as a lengthy, cumbersome process. But it doesn’t need to be like that. Our Strategy 360 Model will allow you to define your strategy using field tested tools and a process which makes your life easier. 

But Strategy alone is not enough, the execution plan of how to implement the strategy is often the biggest challenge. How to translate the strategy into the working process, synchronization of the different departments and the change management.

We call it “The Game Plan”.

Just as it sounds, it takes the Strategy and translates it into a working process along with all the changes which the organization needs to go through in order to implement the strategy. 

Your Game Plan – Internally Powered, Value Driven, Frictionless.

Internally Powered – We believe that the best source of knowledge for the strategy process  is in your company.

Value Driven – Adhering to the 360 model will utilize your assets to drive value to your customers

Frictionless – The Game plan integrates all the relevant departments making everyone aligned and in sync.

About us

We have combined our Product, marketing and presale experience to build a business focused services that helps product and presale teams transform from a technology lead mindset to a business mindset.

We both bring vast experiences as product and presale leaders in B2B companies. 

We believe that where  methodology meets reality, process meets the market and customers and experience meets innovation, is where the magic happens.

Every company that needs to make a real change, a change that will boost it forward, deserves its own special and tailored service. 

Shounit Lax

In the past 20 years I’ve held various management roles within hi-tech companies, where I led strategic processes, B2B sales, marketing, roadmap formulation and M&As.

Roee Froman

In the past 15 years I held multiple leadership roles in the Presales and Product Management domains in which I took part and led sales, group building, strategic process, and M&A activities.

Our customers

Today we help companies find their path to growth and scale with our 360 Booster Model.
Plataine L

What our customers say? are the best team there is and the best decision I took for my company! Thanks for everything you give and do for us.
Danielle Dafni
Ceo & Co-Founder, Peech
The best! Thanks for the amazing process you did with us.

Ronen Barel
CEO, Galooli