Our Services

What we bring

  • Experience and best practices
  • Tools and methods
  • Top down in parallel to bottom up approach
  • Quickly tapping into your technological ecosystem and business environment

What YOU get

  • Increase winning rate
  • Time saving
  • Efficiency
  • Internal Sync
  • Alignment between various departments

Strategy to Execution

Our strategy to Execution process is built on a 3 stages framework. Each stage has a different purpose, activities and outcomes designed to provide a in-context and executable translation of the Company Strategy

1. Asses & Reflect

In this stage we will perform deep learning of your company, it’s products and ecosystem. Perform assessment and mapping the areas to focus on. We will agree on expectations and priorities.
During this stage we will already provide initial feedback based on our findings.

2. Design

In this phase we will convert the combination of the data collected and the goals into an execution plan. We will address the changes that are required in the various departments, the processes, tools and routines required to achieve an effective execution. 

3. Build

This is the execution stage where the plans turn into a reality. In this stage we will build together the deliverables which were designed in the Design stage –  Updated materials, new messages, product changes, sales processes, etc…

We believe in tailoring our work to our customers’ needs. The mentioned process structure is mainly to enable us to plan and measure the work, some of the stages or the content might change depending on the expectations we will define and your needs.

Here are some of the use cases which we handled:

  • From Strategy to GTM
  • Sales Transformation
  • Post Merger Integration (PMI) processes 
  • Product Strategy

Strateship - Executing Strategy through Partnerships

in cooperation with

This is Company Booster’s flagship program in cooperation with Geffen Management Consulting. In the program we combine our knowledge, tools and best practices, together with hands-on work and a healthy partnership mechanism to get teams working together on their next leap. 

You will get a unified holistic 8 weeks process resulting in:

  • Clear company or product strategy
  • Execution game plan 
  • Shared agenda 
  • Effective routines 
  • Clear roles  
  • Decision making processes
  • Communication & Trust between all stakeholders 


Executable Roadmap

Building and executing the roadmap is the most important but also the most challenging task of the Product team.
This workshop empowers the Product Management’s team to build executable roadmap overcoming daily challenges.

Selling to Sales

This workshop is aimed for Product Management teams, focusing on the complex interface with sales. The goal is to bridge the gap between PMs and Sales focusing on the differences in language, goals, targets and perspective.

Your own workshop?

We believe that  any activity with our customers needs to be tailored to its needs, workshops included.
The tailor-made workshop will blend your needs, time and priorities with our best practices and methodologies.


Leadership mentoring

A 1 on 1 mentoring program for Business leadership (CPO, VP, Directors and Team leads). The mentoring plan is based on a 4-6 meetings program but can be tailored to the needs and goals of the individual participant. 

We specialize in the both Product Management and Presales leaderships.

Being a “C-level” is a lonely job, sometimes you need a partner that will help with analyzing situations, help with some of the thinking process and assist in building some of the tools and processes you would like to implement. 

This tailor made program is here to provide you, the Product, Marketing, Sales or Presales VP or C-level the partner you need.

C/V-level Partnering

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