Our story


We believe success comes to companies and leaders that are connected to the essence of what they do, who have a clear understanding of market and customer challenges, and know how to translate these challenges into effective solutions and products.

Our passion is helping companies boost their capability by understanding their essence in depth and translating it into execution plans.

Our Values

  • Hands on
  • Simple/Clean
  • Business state of mind
  • Challenge Everything

What YOU get

  • Increase winning rate
  • Time saving
  • Efficiency
  • Internal Sync
  • Alignment between various departments

What we bring

  • Experience and best practices
  • Top down in parallel to bottom up approach
  • Quickly tapping into your technological ecosystem and business environment

About Us

Shounit Lax

In over 20 years of experience, I built and managed dozens of products and services, touching different technologies and industry verticals: Fraud, IoT, Virtualization, Cloud, BI, M.L/A.I, Blockchain, and more. I have worked with 300+ Big Enterprise customers, focusing on the B2B market, spending a major part of my time meeting customers, learning from them and pitching solutions to solve their toughest challenges.

However, the one thing I am most proud of, is the revolution I led within my organization, taking it from a feature/technology to a value-based approach. This involves changes across multiple dimensions, starting from company strategy, having an impact on the roadmap, marketing plan, sales pitch and overall company focus. This was a real revolution that changed the company revenue projections and the margins of our deals. 

Following the acquisition, I was appointed as both CPO and CMO of the company, and assigned the challenging task of building a new brand, new portfolio, integrating everyone into a single product and presales team with a clear understanding of the strategy of the merged company. I was building the company’s strategy and future, while at the same time considering companies for further M&As

Roee Froman

With over 15 years of experience, I managed various teams, from support to Presales, Product Management and Marketing. I defined and executed product roadmap plans across various technologies and industry verticals: 5G, Cloud and virtualization, Fraud, IoT, Big Data and more. I spent a major part of my time meeting customers, learning from them, drafting and pitching solutions to solve their toughest business and technical challenges. 

I worked with over 300 Big Enterprise customers, focusing on the B2B market. Following the latest acquisition, in which I was part of the due diligence and post acquisition team, a complete change of work methods, strategy planning and execution was needed, together with the merger of teams from different business cultures and routines. This was an exciting lesson for me which provided me with many tools and methods required for merging and scaling companies. 

I have a B.Sc in Bio-Medical Engineering from Tel-Aviv University and a MBA from Reichman University in Herzliya, majoring in Strategic consulting (a joint program with Wharton Business School) and Marketing.